Visible (Part One)

Before catching a couple shows last Thursday (Root Shock at Funk ‘N Waffles and The Magnetic Pull, Heretofore and Formidable Duke at Otro Cinco), I relaxed with Adam Gopnik’s From Paris to the Moon and an ale outside at Clark’s Ale House. I only spent about 45 minutes at the ailing beer and beef joint, but it […]

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Visible (Part Two)

On May 18, Michael John Heagerty and I sat on the steps CNY Jazz Central’s theatre, and we played a game of catch-up; it was a couple (maybe more) weeks of not seeing each other. At one point he made a note of my efforts to be more picture heavy social media platform Instagram. “You’re in love,” he […]

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Chocolate Dreams

If something isn’t broken, people will suggest it needn’t be fixed. If something is broken, however, well, fix it. When fixing whatever is broken, and in this case it’s dreaming, it’s important to research and attempt to resolve the issue through direct or even trial-and-error approaches. Any attempt is trial and error, because, well, people […]

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Love Machine

For the first time in my 33 1/3 years, my feet walked through the doors of Spaghetti Warehouse. Shocker, right? Especially since my first word, as the legend goes, was meatball. A sit-down dinner did not ensue, but instead enjoyed a local brew and hung out with familiar and new faces. The small group was hanging out in the other […]

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I’ve been tackling a book: From Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik. The author is a frequent contributor to The New Yorker, and his award winning work is eloquent to say the least. The memoir of his years living in Paris is explorative; he dives into the country’s culture and appropriately weaves in and compares nuggets of […]

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Tough Biscuits

For those who know my mother understand she’s a great cook. It’s not chauvinistic to point out her ability to maneuver and create edible art in the kitchen. My brother and I have learned a whole hell of a lot through our 30-plus years to keep our hands and feet working in our own settings. It’s only appropriate […]

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