I’ve been tackling a book: From Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik. The author is a frequent contributor to The New Yorker, and his award winning work is eloquent to say the least. The memoir of his years living in Paris is explorative; he dives into the country’s culture and appropriately weaves in and compares nuggets of […]

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Tough Biscuits

For those who know my mother understand she’s a great cook. It’s not chauvinistic to point out her ability to maneuver and create edible art in the kitchen. My brother and I have learned a whole hell of a lot through our 30-plus years to keep our hands and feet working in our own settings. It’s only appropriate […]

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Separately Combined

Pardon the interruption. It’s the long, silent interruption. It’s the unnecessary and sometimes questionable silence. For comparison: This is the type of the silence experienced when out to dinner with someone, and the other is not talking. Without having an idea what on what to say, the best response is shrugging shoulders. You, the reader, are the one asking questions while I idly […]

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Believe it or not: Central New York is is filled with friendly people. There may be an overabundance of lousy or malicious drivers, but those behind the wheel are kinder and less aggressive when they step away from the petals. However, we may take being cordial and those who are for granted. I. Greetings A […]

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Taming Tony the Naysaying Tiger

It’s easy to be defensive and to come across as defensive. Being defensive could implicate you could be  hidingTa. However, on a positive note, when you’re passionate about something and if the offending person — their opinion — is blatantly wrong, a mild retaliation is appropriate. I confronted a tiger in Auburn. For the sake of the story, […]

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Mecurio Rising

Paul Mecurio has been stomping around the comedy scene for well over a decade. If you’ve been a fan of The Daily Show — the Jon Stewart years in particular, because he set the bar so high — you’ll probably recognize the comic’s contributions to the show. He’s made television appearances, especially in regard to the […]

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Parking Lot Productivity

Move over Murphy, if that’s your real name. A couple Thursdays ago, I was reminded on how romantic my faltering truly is. In part of this whole disconcerting characteristic is part-absentmindedness — I’ll often leave my wallet and sometimes even belt home — and part (a larger percentage) shit luck. Some times this luck can prove […]

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