Conspiracy Under ‘Wraps’

It’s the winter holiday season, which means a few things: If you’re still eating Thanksgiving leftovers, you should (probably? maybe?) throw out the remnants. Heartier cooking makes sense for those cooler nights. Overcooking is not as much of a choice as it is inevitable. Everyone will cook like central and Mediterranean European. There are a few […]

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Tactical Truck

It’s important to be open to learning new things. If it’s not actually learning to do something, the desire for knowledge about a topic can simply fill that void. Mudding is one thing, for example. Want to see my truck? The guy in a purple shirt said to the woman. He leaned back, slouched into a […]

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A Wish for Wings…

A young boy and girl around the ages of four (perhaps a year or two difference). They were running around the front yard of a home in the City of Syracuse. The cement steps with an attached metal rail led up to the front metal storm door. The white door’s darkened grooves were accented with […]

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The Showdown at Willow Rock

The above picture of the dollar doesn’t and can’t display itself as a hard-earned dollar. With the naked eyes, it’s viewed simply as is. It’s a crazy world out there, especially now when you consider the political divide in our nation. People are edgy. Drivers around Central New York seem to be bigger dickbags lately. And […]

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The September Mixtape

The making of a great compilation tape … you have to kick it off with a killer to grab attention. – Rob Gordon, “High Fidelity” ———– Blue Meanies – “The 4th of July“ Rage Against the Machine – “Year of tha Boomerang” (Explicit.) Wheat – “Don’t I Hold You“ Ryan Adams – “So Alive“ Squirrel Nut Zippers – […]

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The Red Table Relationships

I walked by the coffee shop alongside the series of vertical windows and looking in to see if there were spots available — limited prime real estate. The room isn’t filled, and finding a seat at one of the tables can be secured easily. Normally on sunny days like this Sunday, the outdoor seating options […]

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Dave and Jen, The Wedding

A huge congratulations to David and Jennifer on their wedding day. You’re both wonderful people and deserve each other. Saturday, Sept. 10, was a beautiful and warm day for the intimate festivities held at Arlington Acres in LaFayette, NY. The scenic landscape, the barn and overall rustic aesthetics were perfect touches to make the event their own.   […]

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