For years, people have been asking hard-hitting questions. This is where they’re answered.

Q:  What is your favorite shape?

A:  This question is a bit prejudiced. It’s like asking what genre of the human race you prefer. Regardless of a shape, each figure is part of the Shape Family. However, I’ll answer it anyway: Triangle. It goes along with my favorite obsession with the number, three. It’s pointy despite having smooth edges. Sometimes triangles have symmetry, and sometimes they do not. Actually, a triangle might not have smooth edges … my mind wanders …

Anyway, I also love The Legend of Zelda franchise, which might play a hand in this decision as well. Who wouldn’t want a Triforce?

Q:  What is “ya do?”

A: A little bit of everything. Local and small business supporter. Animal adoption pusher. Writer, editor and avid reader. Social media participant, networker and consultant. Toastmaster. History preservation advocate. Adventurer.

Q:  Describe the perfect meal.

A:  Bread with dipping oil to start off. No specific dipping oil; all are different and usually Bacon-wrapped scallops for an appetizer. A salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. A pork shoulder that’s cooked perfectly so the meat falls off the bone. And for dessert: Tiramisu or Crème brûlée or a good ol’-fashioned brownie a la mode that is topped with drizzles of caramel syrup, dark chocolate syrup, and Irish Cream and/or Kahlua.

Q:  Favorite roofing material?

A:  Adobe.

Q:  Worst childhood memory? 

A:  That would be the time where a monstrous sliver went beneath my big toenail, and I had to go to the emergency room. I was literally strapped down from panicking and screaming. It was not a good day.

Q:  What about music?

A:  What about it? I listen to pretty much anything… well, I give genres a shot.

Q:  Favorite Mouseketeer?

A:  Justin Randall Timberlake

Q:  If you were forced to eat cat food for the rest of your life, what brand and what flavor would you choose?

A:  Chicken. I don’t like tuna.

Q:  Describe your life five years from now. 

A:  I’ll be consuming bone marrow in a French delicatessen with Anthony Bourdain.

Q:  Is it a crime against humanity to put both butter AND peanut butter on toast?

A:  No, I don’t think so. It’s just extra butter, extra slippage for your innards.

Q:  Where is your Fortress of Solitude ideally located?

A:  It’s an actual den, study with shelves of books, a fireplace and mantle, a couple of armchairs in front of said fireplace, intricate wood work along the shelves and walls, a scotch and whiskey and red wine stocked bar, a piano for decorative purposes, and a fine desk to do some writing. The room would also have a turret attached/jutting from it.

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