It may seem a bit impossible to walk with your feet on the ground and still keep your head above the clouds–yes, above (if your head is in the clouds you can’t really see where you’re headed)–but it’s not. When it comes to writing, improv, and communicating amongst many other facets of life, the importance of keeping an open mind and taking life as it unfolds in front of you cannot be stressed enough.

A born-and-raised Syracuse, New York resident, who loves being outdoors due to walls being restricting and windows not being good enough.  Lover of all arts:  cinema, music, literature, and art.  Red wine, craft beer, and scotch or whiskey drinker.  An espresso addict and peanut M&M aficionado.  An improv performer, who dapples in a bit of guitar and feels jazz music is appropriate for any occasion.

A person who enjoys getting lost due to the adventure, but can always be found:

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31 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog you’ve got going here–spent some time reading through it, and can definitely say it was a pleasant read. Take care.

    • Duuuuude, things are going well. Thank you for the very, very kind words, and I hope to never disappoint. I think we can get a good challenge going again.

      Thanks, man! I don’t see it, but I appreciate the compliment 🙂



      • Awesome, pleased for you 🙂 … you are welcome dude, and I’ve not seen anything from you that would indicate that I’d be disappointed …

        You’ll have to take it from me then, and you are welcome 🙂



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    • I’ve come out of my weekend hibernation. Sorry for not replying on Friday after this comment was posted. It was a roller-coaster of a weekend (all positive) with excitement and activities that appropriately kept me away from this digital world.

      It was a pleasure geeking out with you as well. I’m a bit delighted to actually converse with the great Helena.

      • HA! I love the word “converse”. Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz EVERY TIME. “I’m off to confer, converse, and otherwise hob nob with my fellow wizards.”
        I’m glad you had a good weekend. I had a productive, if sleepless one, and then last night I was on the phone ’til the wee hours with my friend, trying to brainstorm how to best take care of him and his family (see my post today about the Swamp).

      • So what you’re saying is that you’ve written pornographic fantasies about me, darling? (I’ll be plugging you in mine).
        Not sure how I feel about that. (Oh how I wish I could see the shade you just turned.)

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    • Hey! Thank you for the follow. I enjoy your blog, so it’s the least I can do.

      IPA to me stands for two things: (1) India Pale Ale, and (2) I Prefer Always. I bet Colorado does, and I need to get out there to enjoy some of it. New York’s hop farming is stepping up its game, and I’m impressed.

      It’s always a pleasure to meet another IPA fan.

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