Caught in the Rain

It’s situations like these where having my face pummeled by walking or stomping or running or jumping feet is validated. We all have our moments. These instances come across as obvious or picked up on after a brief amount of time. If I had a heart, it would be worn on my sleeve. (Actually, there is a heart within me, […]

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Lucky Dog

It’s calming to see a content animal, to feed off of their joy. If I’m not scratching a dog’s belly, cradling the cat or rubbing the ears of a rabbit, it’s comforting to see the fulfillment others get out of doing the same. During the past week I spotted a German Shepherd walking proudly. It […]

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Heeding Neglect

It wasn’t until hours later when the police arrived to the scene. Depending on the people around, some may have called it a crime scene while others may have not have gone that far to classify it as something. Some may even have called it nothing. I would have preferred it if one guy called it “just […]

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New York Stories: ‘Just Art?’

I feel at home at the Museum of Modern Art. It’s an educational beacon. Most of the time — this defines a successful trip — I leave wanting to research artists for their art, for their madness. Write something memorable, he said. Some guy. Because writing something memorable allows you to be memorable, more marketable, […]

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