Justin Timberlake is Real

It was a typical (early) dinner: Sitting at the bar instead of a table, reading a book. A burger was being prepared, and I was reading about about some guy named Sam Pulsifer. He was convicted of accidentally burning down Emily Dickinson’s home. The kicker: Two people were making love upstairs, and were killed in […]

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Coming to an Agreement?

The first book I bought to “stream” through the Kindle — a lovely gift, and I’m happy to report my coming to terms with the present (otherwise still resisting, putting up a fight) — was The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. The book, published in 1997, advocates personal freedom from the limitations we have created, sometimes unknowingly and […]

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Cabin Fever

In my line of sight: an acoustic guitar, notebooks, a stack of yet-to-read paperbacks, a Nintendo Entertainment System (and a television), a window to a world of cooling temperatures and lightly falling snow. If only the skis were propped up in one of the corners — this would accentuated the gamut of feelings. The visible […]

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Beef with Beef

In 2010, one of the most detrimental noncritical occurrences to shake up a city lifestyle food scene was defined by the closing of Clark’s Ale House location at the corner of S. Clinton and Jefferson streets. The location was prime for the holidays, and it offered such a different atmosphere compared to several places in the Downtown […]

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Musical Chairs

When the nice, summer weather was in full force — let’s say June — I spent a free evening at a NoExcuses interest meeting. Michael John Heagerty’s outreach evening to look for possible guides interested in giving future tours. Considering my schedule, knowing I couldn’t offer anything more than positive reinforcement… well, my presence was simply that. The guy has […]

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