High Standards

When it comes to music, it’s important to have high standards. That may be my opinion, but I ask you: Do you value the music you listen to? Should you answer no, well, clearly you’re putting on a front. Why would you listen to music if you didn’t value it? Center for the Arts of […]

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I made a new friend recently. Our relationship precedes this present level and understanding for at least a year, and maybe even two. I’ve seen Terry come and go from my usual Freedom of Espresso hangout in Franklin Square. He’s seen me before, too. As time went on, he began greeting me, waving and smiling; I […]

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New York Stories: ‘Postscript’

My early arrival to the Cuban diner, Copellia, was appropriate. For one, I didn’t want my unfamiliarity to get the best of me this time. Instead of standing outside, waiting for Martin to arrive, I headed into the neighboring The Donut Pub. The storefront’s window boasted some of the greatest looking donuts that I’ve seen. […]

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The Lost Horizon: Hidden Track

It was serendipitous that Frank Turner mentioned Syracuse-area hardcore band Earth Crisis, how he talked about seeing them in concert, enjoying them, and it was alluded that the band inspired him in a sense. When it comes to anything — negative or positive — the resonating impact is life altering in some way, shape or […]

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The Lost Horizon EP

If I don’t see another concert for the rest of the year, it’ll be fine — I’ll be fine. There isn’t enough audacity in me to vow to never listen to music for the rest of the year — that’s simply preposterous. Thanks to Mike B. for reaching out and the ticket, because seeing Skinny […]

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